Dubbed as “The Noble Grape”, the 16th Grand Wine Experience event will be held in The Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel Resorts World Manila on November 4.  It is the highest status for a wine and spirit to achieve in terms of unmatched quality, acceptance across the globe and prominence in the organization.  Over 5,000 known, kind of grapes for wine, exists on different territories, but only a few will be able to make it to the coveted noble status.

Wine Wednesday

Before the 16th Grand Wine Experience staged its noble event, a Wine Wednesday affair was carried at the Wine Museum in Pasay City.  Some members of the online media were given a chance to receive their own wine experience of tasting selected wine brands for a night of wine affection and fellowship.  I myself was not into drinking, especially the liquor stuff after I quit occasional drinking when I was still youthful at heart (literally my cardiac organ).

The Wine Wednesday event is an incredible experience for a wine tasting occasion and I learned a lot from the guest speakers of some wine brands who participated and graced the celebration.   These include handling your wine glass properly, sniffing, the right way to swallow your wine and even spitting as part of your wine tasting etiquette.   The information on how wines and spirits came to life-in-a-bottle is a great thing to know.

Well-known brands were served for our wine tasting pleasure.  Since I am so much into sweets, one of my favorites is the Rosso Noble Ciocolata, smells and tastes so chocolatey. In fact, most participants voted the same wine as their favorite too.  The Citra Sangiovese is good and has a strong variety of fruity mix.  Other wines and spirits served that night includes Zonin Prosecco, Robert Mundavi – Woodbridge, Pebble Lane Sauv Blanc, Elderton E-Series Shiraz & Cabernet, Gancia Asti Pinot Di Pinot, Hugo, Wente, Pirramimma Shiraz, Angove, Vina Maipo Chardonnay, John Lee Bourbon, Corona Beer.  The star of the night was no other than  Dalmore, which is considered as one of the most expensive wine in the world with the cost of P2.5M per bottle.  Whoa!  I am not much of a wine aficionado, but with its price and taste, I can say that tasting Dalmore is really a great privilege for me.

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Wine Experience

The upcoming Grand Wine Experience 2016, envisioned as this year’s gathering to be the most illustrious wine event in Southeast Asia as they will be featuring over 500 of the world’s most notable wines and spirits in one night. It will be beyond the usual wine dinner as the grand scale of overflowing wines and spirits will be matched with a sumptuous buffet of food for your wine-pairing fantasy that can only be fulfilled in this one-of-a-kind affair.

Moreover, masterclasses will be held earlier in the day at MGB Executive Rooms 1, 2, 3, also at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, Resorts World Manila. Notable speakers include Adam Knox (The Dalmore Resident Whisky Expert), Maurizio Bertacchini (Gruppo Italiano Vini Brand Ambassador), Mark Ramm (Export Manager), Christian Correa (Winemaker: Montgras Intriga), Sofia Kitouni (Asia Marketing Manager Quinta De Maipo Brands), and Eduardo Stark (Export Manager, Montes).

Wine Museum

The Wine Museum in Pasay City is the home for The Philippine Wine Merchants (PWM).  It was founded in 1975 by Ralph Lim Joseph. Together with his three brothers- Robert, Ronnie, and Raymond, the Joseph brothers had successfully run the business becoming one of the biggest wine importers and distributors in the country with strong market presence in both on-premise and off-premise sales.

You may visit  http://www.pwm.com.ph for more info about their collection of blockbuster brands from across the globe’s remarkable distilleries and vineyards.

The Wine Museum in Pasay City is the home for The Philippine Wine Merchants (PWM)

The Wine Museum in Pasay City is the home for The Philippine Wine Merchants (PWM)

Exclusive Invitation

We invite you to come and celebrate with the Philippine Wine Merchants at the greatest year of The Grand Wine Experience. With the theme “Noble Grape,” over 500 of the world’s most notable wines and spirits will be fully ripe for drinking matched with a buffet and red carpet treatment befitting royalty.

The value-for-money tickets are available at the price of Php 5,000 per person.

For advanced registration and ticket inquiries, please contact:

Philippine Wine Merchants Compound

2253 Aurora Blvd. Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1300

Telephone Number: (02) 853 7423

Email: sales@ralphswines.com.ph

Website: http://grandwineexperience.com/