Aeternum Columbary, “the country’s first garden columbary” is a haven created not only for our departed dear ones, but also for their love ones that was left behind. Not just your average memorial garden, Aeternum was carefully landscaped to create an ambiance of tranquility and was built to cater hundreds of vaults for urns as their final resting place.

As specified in the dictionary, Aeternum came from a Latin word that means “forever”. And that’s what Aeternum Garden defines, our loved ones now that they left eternally, and we here–as we are still on this planet will produce you feel at peace as you stick around in the garden. You can feel the connection of Heaven and Earth as the view can offer you a stream of abundance flow of flora.

Since cremation is now widely taken in our nation in various factions or spiritual systems, here’s the top eight reasons why you can consider Aeternum to “live well, and leave well”:

1. ONE-OF-A-KIND. Aeternum Garden, the Park Estate, is first in the country, wherein a columbarium was situated in a vast land of grass, trees, a pond and a mini waterfall. The landscape was so awful that you wouldn’t believe that you are in a memorial garden. Aeternum Columbary was conveniently designed with not just the spacious vaults in consideration, but the visitors as well. Its circular design with columns around for equally spacious vaults layered in columns. Each vault can accommodate up to 4 standard-sized urn.

2. OPEN 24/7 – You can visit Aeternum anytime, round-the-clock as the park is open 24 hours-a-day 7 days-a-week. You can stay, sit, shoot the breeze and relax with relatives anywhere you would please. In that respect is likewise a separate 2-storey structure called “a family room” which can be availed as long as it is useable for anyone who cares to. It is an air-conditioned room, complete with appliances like refrigerator, cooking stove, sofa, lavatory, toilet and bath, just like staying at home but you are for a visit to your departed loved one.

3. HASSLE-FREE PACKAGES and AFFORDABLE PLANS – as the saying goes “it’s hard to live, but much harder to die if you don’t have a funeral plan”. Today, not all were able to avail of a life plan, or perhaps not even a budget if someone buys the farm in the menage. Funeral price has been costly, especially in memorial parks and even our common cemeteries. Aeternum Columbary team carefully studied that and came up with different kind of bundles that includes:

Niche Package
Cremation Package
Memorial Package
Affordable plans that fit your budget:
Basic / Plus / Premium

4. STRATEGIC LOCATION — Situated in Heritage Park, Aeternum is the best spot coming from the top 3 major locations in the metropolis in terms of business core, residential haven and the means of transportation. Located along C-5 road in Taguig. So coming from Makati, Pasig or Alabang will be very accessible.

5. FLEXIBLE PAYMENT TERMS. – Longer and lighter payments available, for as low as PHP 1,000 per month (please contact Aeternum office for details)

6. PERPETUAL OWNERSHIP OF THE NICHE/VAULT — Once you own a vault at Aeternum Columbary, it will be under your ownership forever—lifetime ownership. No terms of leasing or rental so you don’t have to worry in the future about the renewal or the fear that the ownership will be forfeited as years passed by. A certificate of possession will be issued and also registered with our government authorities concerned.

7. FREE CREDIT LIFE INSURANCE — Availing a vault in Aeternum comes with a free credit life policy. This free insurance eliminates the headaches if something bad happened to the one paying the plan, but not however fully paid. With the Aeternum plans, it will be covered and paid by the free credit life insurance provider. And then no one will have to worry if they are incapacitated to continue paying the premium’s balance of the said program.

8. PERPETUAL CARE FUND – It has been part of our tradition in preparation for All Souls Day celebration to clean niches, tombs, mausoleums, vaults and all other possible areas needed to be fixed and unclutter before the final days come. We usually hire or enter into some kind of deals or contracts to do the job for us. But not with Aeternum’s Perpetual Care Fund, the package you availed include a lifetime maintenance fee, which includes annual maintenance to make it as clean and beautiful as it is. Aeternum Garden and Columbary provide all of these for free. This perpetual care fund will be allotted and deposited in a trust account to keep the funds rolling for the daily maintenance of the entire Aeternum Columbary Park Estate as well as individual vault’s regular clean and care.

For more information:
Aeternum Garden Columbary Park C5 corner Bayani Road Heritage Park Area 2 Taguig

Tel: (02) 401 1303


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