The Philippine economy has reached greater milestones and the e-commerce platform plays a major role.  Our national economy continues to boom faster in the past decade.  Companies can save a great deal in terms of time and money for the deliveries of commodities and services that they provide through logistics services.  Individual customers can also benefit from these logistics when they are the ones acquiring the goods and services.

These logistics through the years have continuously maintained the appropriate supply process.  But not all roads were created smooth and easy.  Some processes may encounter challenges.  Have you experienced not receiving the items that you ordered and paid online? How about, an on-time delivery, but receiving the wrong item?  These are some of the predicaments and somehow the supply process was not properly executed.


LBC Express key to success

LBC Express, one of the leading companies in the logistics industry, has proven their capabilities all these years and has become the only reliable choice for consumers and businesses alike.  The track record shows that LBC is our trusted partner in the courier and money remittance service.  With over 70 years of operations in the Philippines, they continue to develop systems and procedures to ensure the accuracy of their process as well as desirable customer service.

At the recently held Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA) 2015 Annual Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Conference, LBC Express Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Charlie Villaseñor revealed how LBC has grown from a retail courier service to an end-to-end logistics provider that services companies all over the Philippines.

The LBC’s international network is composed of 1,650 company-owned local branches, 63 overseas branches, and 206 expert delivery teams with over 330 delivery vans and 1,500 motorcycles at their disposal. In addition to this, their increasing numbers of modernized warehouses have further strengthened their wide area of operations.

These are the operations that we are not able to see behind the curtain of the LBC’s extensive process.  “Although machines and modern technology have revolutionized the trade, having the right people is without a doubt the crucial aspect of the industry,” Villaseñor said.

Villaseñor continually reiterated the importance of the “human element” in Supply Chain. A system or procedure is only as good as the person that executes it. And if something is not working, or something can be made better, it is the human element that thinks of new ways to solve a problem.

“The lessons learned throughout the years by LBC’s dedicated staff are not only applicable to getting the final product from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’,” he further elaborated. “They are also applicable in ensuring that various supply chain procedures are executed properly; such as ensuring that an ample amount of raw materials is kept in the inventory, picking and packing is done efficiently, and the product is secured in modernized warehouses,” he continued.


“In other words, besides our extensive long distance courier capabilities, we endeavor to provide the optimal end to end value added supply chain services to businesses,” he said. “This lets entrepreneurs and corporations alike forget about logistical requirements and grow their businesses by focusing on the areas where they excel the most,” Mr. Villaseñor concluded.

To learn more about LBC Business Solutions and all its listed services, please visit or contact the LBC Customer Care Hotline at (02) 9086-522.