MILO, the world’s leading chocolate malt beverage, has taken the internet by storm.  Last November, the new MILO Champ Moves video was launched with versatile actor, singer and dancer James Reid doing the #BeatEnergyGap moves.  Since then, the video has gone viral and it entered the Top 10 Most Watched Videos in the Asia-Pacific YouTube Ads Leaderboard on the same month of its’ release.

Most Watched Video

According to Google, the YouTube Ads Leaderboard showcases the most creative ads that people watch each month. The ads are analyzed to determine which ones resonated most with audiences and which ones performed best through a combination of popularity and promotion. To date, the new MILO Champ Moves video garnered over 14 million views, including countless of memes and fan videos posted across social media platforms.

“We’re very proud that the new video is among the most watched in the country today, more so in the entire Asia-Pacific,” said Ellen Isturis, MILO Philippines Consumer Marketing Lead. “The recent accolade the dancercise video received indicates that more and more Filipinos have been inspired to beat Energy Gap and live an active and healthy lifestyle.”

The video is a project in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd). Choreography incorporating sports movements was launched in schools nationwide as daily morning exercise. Millions of students across the country have already been doing the Champ Moves since MILO forged a partnership with DepEd.

Beat the energy gap

MILO Champ Moves video hits the Top 10 in Asia-Pacific

MILO Champ Moves video hits the Top 10 in Asia-Pacific

This year, the new MILO Champ Moves aims to drive awareness about Energy Gap concern among parents by encouraging their kids to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

It’s not too late to join the craze and start to groove to the MILO Champ Moves tutorial video available on Facebook and YouTube and energize your day the Champion way!

Help #BeatEnergyGap today, watch the video on the MILO Philippines Facebook page and the Nestle Philippines YouTube Channel.

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