Cleveland Cavaliers extended the series to Game 5.

Golden State Warriors was never given a chance to take the lead during the game.

They are unstoppable.  Cleveland Cavaliers spoiled a sweep playoffs series attempt by the Golden State Warriors. The Dynamic Duo of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving and the whole Cavs team stopped the Warriors on taking the NBA 2017 Championship on their home court.  It was a night of raining 3 pointers shot from the Cavs as they slaughtered the Warriors to take a comfortable lead from the start of the 1st quarter.  Since then, they never looked back as the warriors poor performance was capitalized by the Cavs.

NBA Finals

Kevin Love’s hot hand on the 3 point paint continues to marginalized the Cavs lead.  It was a game with a lot of technical calls, losing temper , records and stats being broken,  so physical, so frustrating on the losing team but this is what they play for.  Another shot at the championship for Warriors as they bring back the game on their homeland in Oracle Arena on Monday night.

4th Quarter: Warriors – 116  Cavs  – 137  FINAL SCORE

James finally given a rest.

4th Quarter: Warriors – 111  Cavs  – 132 (1:58)

Game 5 will be set as early as now.

Irving another 3.  Cavs continues to massacre Warriors.

Curry missed another 3.

JR smith converted another 3 after multiple passes by Cavs players.

4th Quarter: Warriors – 109 Cavs  – 126 (3:51)

Kyrie drives and blocks by Durant

Durant missed a 3 also.

Irving missed a 3 pointer.

4th Quarter: Warriors –  108  Cavs  – 126  (4:30)

Durant will take the free throw.

Kevin Durant was fouled as he attempted to shoot the looseball.

James and JR smith collided on a Warriors fastbreak.

4th Quarter: Warriors – 104  Cavs  – 122  (7:27)

Lead of Cavs back to 18.

Curry missed a 3 point attempt.

4th Quarter: Warriors – 104  Cavs  – 120  (8:42)

Kyrie side step drive to Klay Thompson and connects.

Time out Warriors.

4th  Quarter: Warriors – 104  Cavs  – 118  (9:11 )

Kyrie retaliated with a 3.

McCaw easy 2 point

LeBron back on court.

4th Quarter: Warriors – 102 Cavs  – 115 (10:23)

Quick time out Cavs.

Back to back 3 pointer for Warriors  as Klay and McCaw made the baskets.

Warriors –  96  Cavs  – 115  End of 3rd quarter .  Cavs really wanted to extend the series.

James answered another 3.

Curry made also a 3

Derick Williams coverted another 3 point for Cavs.. 19  –  3 points made

Double technical for Pachula and Sharper as they fight for the ball on the floor

3rd Quarter: Warriors –  93  Cavs  –  109 (1 :31 )

Korver made 3 pointer for Cavs

Time out Cavs.

James missed a 3-point attempt while Curry drives and made basket on the other side of the floor. Kyrie missed another shot.

3rd Quarter: Warriors – 87  Cavs  – 104  (3:36)

Draymond was reinstated on the floor as officials corrected that the 1st technical was on coach Steve Kerr not Draymon.

Draymond reacted on a foul call and threw his arm as he didn’t like the call.  His 1st technical was on the 1st half.

Wave to the crowd as he left the floor.

Draymond green ejected on 2nd techical foul.

3rd Quarter: Warriors – 85  Cavs  – 100 (6:18)

James and Durant got double technical in a verbal altecation

Kevin Love given a flagrant foul on Durant after referee reviewed recorded tape.

3rd Quarter: Warriors – 80  Cavs  – 99  (7:26 )

Another 3 point for a Kevin Love.

Klay Thompson connected a 3.  but a looseball foul on Zaza after Kyrie missed a 3.

3rd Quarter: Warriors – 77  Cavs  – 96  (8:20 )


Cavs made history today on their own. Most number of points by a team in a half time in NBA Finals history

2nd Quarter: Warriors – 68  Cavs  –  86. End of 2nd quarter

Last second 3 point shot by Durant, connected

Love shot another 3 pointer

Durant quick pass to Livingston made another point

Kyrie Ivring drives, was fouled, and made the shot

2nd Quarter: Warriors – 61  Cavs  –  80(1:19 )

James another 3 points shot made..

Only 4th turnover for Cavs…Kevin Love steals  passed to James for a 3 point play

2nd Quarter: Warriors – 55  Cavs  – 73 (3:26)

2nd Quarter: Warriors – 49  Cavs  –  69  (5:38)

Time out Golden State Warriors.

James back to back basket

Curry turned over

Kyrie Irving banks his 4th 3-pointer.

2nd Quarter: Warriors –  46   Cavs  – 60  ( 6:55 )

Curry taking shot from a techical foul from Dante Jones of Cavs from the bench probably trash talking to KD.

JR Smith converted a 3-point shot from about 35ft with just a second from the shot clock

2nd Quarter: Warriors – 43  Cavs  – 57  (8:12  )

End of 1st Quarter : Cavaliers – 49   Warriors  –  33

Cleveland made the most points on a 1st quarter in Finals history : 48

1st Quarter: Warriors – 29 Cavs  – 46  (0:56  )

Kevin Love hit another 3 from the side.  Kevin Duran turned over  then Jefferson for a dunk on a fast break

1st Quarter: Warriors –  27  Cavs  –  10  (1:43  )

GSW on 10th team foul

Steph Curry called for a foul for intervening a fast break

1st Quarter: Warriors –  27 Cavs  – 34  (2:19 )

Kyrie Irving on 3 points and Iguodala slammed dunk

Durant fouled by Jefferson on an attempt in the rainbow area.  KD will take 3 free throws.

1st Quarter: Warriors – 20   Cavs  –  31   (3 :59 )

Klay Thompson called on blocking foul.  2nd foul for Klay

1st Quarter: Warriors – 18   Cavs  –  30  (4:27)

Five minutes left on the 1st quarter and Cavs showed a great way to start by leading by with the score 29-15 in favor of Cavs

Golden State Warriors will attempt to sweep the playoffs on the way to championship but the Cleveland Cavaliers is in full force to force another game of the series.  As the Cavs saying goes “Defend The Land” today at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.


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