NBA Finals Game 3: Warriors vs Cavaliers

NBA Game 3: Live at Cleveland:   Team LeBron James need to get back on track or it will be a tougher games to come.  Revenge time for the Cavs.  Warriors need to stay what they have started.   Cavaliers need bigger adjustment to bounce back

9:05  Line-up introduction

9:13  CLE- 6  GSW- 0  Cavaliers off to a hot start.  Time out  GSW

9:17  CLE – 9 GSW – 2  Andrew Bogut 1st point for GSW,  then a block on the other end.

9:21 CLE – 11  GSW – 4  Klay Thompson missed a fastbreak point but was fouled. Missed the free throw.  Curry loss the ball to James.  Caveliers fans started roaring.

9:24 CLE – 21  GSW – 8   Iguodala dunk. Time out Cavs.  Coach Steve Kerr need to remind players of turnovers

9:33 CLE – 33 GSW -13  Kyrie Irving back to back 3 point.  hot hands for Irving.

9:36  1st Quarter done.   CLE – 33 GSW – 16.  Warriors having a hard time on the paint. Perimeter shooting compromised.  Klay Thompson  left leg injury after accidentally hit from Mozgov’s knee.

9:56 2nd Quarter  CLE – 40  GSW – 29

10:16 End of 2nd Quarter CLE – 51  GSW – 43.  JR Smith hot on the rainbow point. Warriors having turnovers over and over again.  Green and Livingstone continue to maintain inside shooting.  Curry adds another foul on his list.   Warriors overpowered Cavs in rebound department but missed those chanced points.

10:30 3rd Quarter Starts

10:32 CLE – 55  GSW – 43  Turnover again from GSW.  Bogut illegal screening.

10:36 Smith continue to fire up in shooting.  Curry guarding Smith but still manage for a fade-away shot.   When a Warrior would attempt a shot underneath a basket, 3 Cavs will fly-off.  The fake showing how the Cavs improved their defense.

10:42 CLE – 67  GSW – 48  James shoot from past the 3-point lane and connects.  JR Smith had a fake in front of Klay Thompson on the 3-point lane and bang!  Klay Thompson slipped on a drive and losses the ball.  Green fouled James on a drive.

10:45  CLE – 70 GSW – 48 Steve Kerr timed out after James connected a 3-point shot.

10:51  CLE – 77  GSW – 59 Curry made his 1st 3-pointer after a drought with just 2 points from the start.  Green drives and gets a foul. 2 free throws connected.  James still continue to slaughter on the perimeter.  Another 3 points from Curry.  JR Smith respond with another 3.

11:01 End of 3rd Quarter : CLE 89  GSW – 69  

11:10 NBA Finals Game 3 Last Quarter:   Last chance for Warriors to get back into the game or else it will be a regrouping for Game 4 still at Cavaliers’ home court.

11:18 CLE -101 GSW – 77.  Steph Curry charging foul.  James continues to fake and fade away shot and still connecting every release of the ball.  Warriors still wondering what to do to stop James.

11:25  CLE – 108  GSW – 83   with 4:40 mins left its getting darker and darker for the Warriors.  Steph Curry went back to bench.  JR Smith and Kyri Irving continues to drive and gets a foul.  James still on fire.

11:32  CLE – 111  GSW – 87  with just 3:11 left on the game.  Warriors had realized it is already impossible to make a comeback with the Cavs shooting percentage increasing in this ball game.  LeBron, Smith, Irving was already given a rest to the bench for Cavs while Curry, Thompson watched as their team being teared apart.

11:40  NBA Game 3 FINAL SCORE :  Cavaliers – 120   Warriors – 90.   The Cavs loss 33 points in game 2 to win back at game 3 with 30 points deficit.  Revenge is sweet at home.