May 1, Labor Day, a great day to celebrate the holiday for everyone, from all walks- of-life. But nothing will be better than a movie experience like no other when Nuvali, in partnership with Cinema One, brings you the Nuvali Night Sky Cinema. This is an open-air and outdoor film showing, staged in one of Nuvali’s vast open-field where friends, families and loved-ones can experience a festival-like movie underneath the open sky.


The launching of the Nuvali Night Sky Cinema was celebrated with performances from popular local artists, such as The Ransom Collective, Moonstar 88 and The Voice winners Jason Dy and Kai Honassan.  Outdoor fun activities like kite-flying, giant playgrounds, food and drinks kiosks were very much present.   Nuvali Night Sky Cinema’s  main attraction presented three successful movies from different categories.

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Topping the list of the movie scheduled for that day was the highly acclaimed, recognized internationally “That Thing Called Tadhana”, the ‘hugot’-filled movie responsible for the reminisces of the Whitney Houston’s  hit ‘Where Do Broken Heart Go?’ and the Sagada atmosphere.  Next would be a comedy-drama-musical “Begin Again” with Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley as lead roles under the direction of John Carney. And last but not the least is a Cinema One Originals entitled “Shift”.  Director Siege Ledesma ensures that the film explores thoughts on friendship, gender and love.   Starring Yeng Constatino and  Felix Roco, tells about the tale of a call center agent girl with a complicated relationship to her boyfriend’s identity crisis.  Amidst the confusion, this movie depicts the story of our youth  and their struggles, careers, relationships, decisions and more.

The Nuvali Night Sky Cinema  was first launched in 2013, in wide spaces and under the open sky for everyone to enjoy fun activities within the abundant nature around.  This also highlights Nuvali’s vision of bringing people together.

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