Globally known for its’ “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza”, Papa John’s Pizza recently held a Blogger’s Night at Papa John’s restaurant at their SM Megamall branch . The warm welcome, accommodation and services of their staff and crew on top of the coziness of the place gave us an awesome pizza and pasta experience.

Papa John’s Appetizers

As a starter, the Ultimate Potato Wedges is a must try as one of their side items. The thick but soft potato slices were tastier with the garlic and cheese sauce plus the bacon bits and pepperoncini.



Ultimate Potato Wedges – Celebrating Pizza and Pasta the Papa John’s way

Papa John’s Pasta

The Spinach Alfredo is a pasta winner–the mixture of mozzarella cheese, garlic, spinach blend well with the alfredo cream sauce. Topping it with grated parmesan cheese in addition to the mozzarella cheese makes it much better for a spaghetti pasta.

The Spinach Alfredo - Celebrating Pizza and Pasta the Papa John’s way

The Spinach Alfredo – Celebrating Pizza and Pasta the Papa John’s way

Papa John’s Pizza

Topping the list of Papa John’s signature pizza is Super Papa.  By the name itself, super pizza is a combination all of Papa John’s pizza ingredients–Italian sausage, ham, freshly-sliced mushroom, tasty pepperoni, black olives, green peppers and onions.

Papa John’s signature pizza - Super Papa

Papa John’s signature pizza – Super Papa

Papa John’s also treated us with the Chicken Bacon Ranch–the pizza with tender grilled chicken, fresh garlic, onions and tomatoes with ranch sauce and crunchy bacon bits.  This is a new chicken experience in a pizza and it tastes so good for chicken lovers like me.

Papa John's Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza

Papa John’s Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza

Third would be the Pepperoni, Papa John’s way of the classic pepperoni pizza served generously with pepperoni slices smothered in extra cheese.  Now this is a pepperoni with a melt-in-your-mouth cheese flavor. Oh by the way, did you know that Papa John’s pepperoni pizza was the no.1 choice of The Manila Pizza Delivery Blind Taste Test conducted by beating 4 other top pizza joints in terms of popularity and delivery coverage?

The Pepperoni pizza by Papa John's

The Pepperoni pizza by Papa John’s

Papa John’s Sides

The Pepperoncini Dynamite is also an added starter with its’ bacon-wrapped pepperoncini stuffed with cheese sauce. I am not much into spicy foods but I was able to love its spicy ingredients because when you dip it to their garlic butter sauce, the spiciness fades away as it melts in your mouth.

The Pepperoncini Dynamite

The Pepperoncini Dynamite

Now, Papa John’s offers the fried chicken goodness through their All-American Chicken.  This is American style fried chicken coated with flavorful herbs and spices, cooked slowly for a crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

“We make sure that our chicken are prepared with all-natural ingredients and preparation may take approximately 15 minutes, so order time may take a while but worth the wait”,

said Ms. Marifi Serafin, Marketing Manager for Papa John’s International, Inc. here in the Philippines.

Papa John's All-American-Fried Chicken

Papa John’s All-American-Fried Chicken

She’s proud to share that our country is one of the 1st in the 37 countries where Papa John’s International allowed the serving of fried chicken. And the first branch to provide and serve the All American Fried chicken is the Makati, Jupiter branch., soon other branches will follow.

And who is Papa John?

Get to know the man who started it all: John Schnatter, Papa John’s Pizza founder.  He was able to follow his dream in owning a pizza restaurant he can proudly call his own.  But as what others are saying, there’s no easy road to success.  Still, John’s determination and dedication landed him where he is today.  At the age of  15, what a way for John to start his first job by landing a dishwasher post in a local pizza restaurant.

John always had in his mind the importance of hard work as he climbs up the ladder to becoming a a pizza maker.  In 1985, he made enough money to start his own pizza restaurant, the very first Papa John’s store.  A year before that, part of his funds was giving up his precious 1972 model Camaro Z28.

Gosh! Who would ever pass up a rare car collectible Camaro for a pizza resto?

But John reaped the fruit of his sacrifices: in as little as five years, from 1986 – 1991, Papa John’s was able to put up its’ 100th restaurant in Clarksville, Tennessee.  Three years after that, it just flourished with its 500th resto opening and in 1999, the fast-booming pizza chain then was able to branch out to 2000 pizza restaurant outlets where the company reached a milestone of $1B sales.

Today, Papa John’s has over 4,700 restaurants worldwide, including more than 1,200 international restaurants in 37 countries.  How can a John Schnatter managed to stay on top and keep on moving up the ladder of success?  He possesses a principle of:


At Papa John’s, we’re passionate about pizza.   So serious that it starts with our Better Ingredients.  Combine our fresh (never frozen) original dough with our wholly-natural pizza sauce, 100% real meats and cheese, and the freshest vegetables available, and the result is PURE PIZZA EXCELLENCE!

Celebrating Pizza and Pasta the Papa John’s way

Celebrating pizza and pasta the Papa John’s way

So be ready for the Ultimate Pizza Experience at Papa John’s Pizza!

Celebrating Pizza and Pasta the Papa John’s way

Celebrating pizza and pasta the Papa John’s way