In 1961, the late National Artist Vicente Manansala was commissioned by Philam Life to create murals for their Head Office.  A total of 7 paintings were created by Manansala that reflect the Filipino spirit and civilization.  Manansala, known for his artworks as his signature style of “transparent cubism”, is the major contributor to the crown jewel in Philam Life’s art collection.

After half a century, Philam Life’s collection of Vicente Manansala’s masterpieces can now be seen by the public at the Philam Life Hall Gallery in National Museum.

Last June 16, 2015, Philam Life hosted an exclusive tour of the Philam Life Gallery, showcasing Vicente Manansala’s large-scale paintings.  The tour, led by National Museum’s Assistant Director Dr. Ana Labrador, provided information, i.e.,their systems and procedures, and as to how the Museum maintains these precious collections.

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National Museum Assistant Director Ana Labrador speaks   during Philam Life's 2015 National Museum Art Tour

National Museum Assistant Director Ana Labrador speaks during Philam Life’s 2015 National Museum Art Tour

Philam Life

Philam Life CEO Axel Bromley explains how Philam Life values the arts to special guests

“As an art connoisseur myself, it is a privilege to be part of an institution that strongly support the arts,” Philam Life’s newly elected CEO Axel Bromley said as he revel in its Manansala collection.  He trusts in the importance of developing education as well as pushing the advancement of Philippine arts and culture.

Philam Life & National Museum’s partnership

Philam Life loaned these 7 paintings of Manansala to the National Museum from their former home at the old Philam Life Head Office Building in United Nations Avenue, Manila.  With these, a partnership blossomed between Philam Life and the National Museum in safekeeping Manansala’s artworks that captured the Filipino way of life, its culture and the bountiful natural resources of the country.

Under the agreement, Philam Life will donate Php 1 Million per year for the next five 5 years.  Now on its 2nd year, the donation will be used by the National Museum for the maintenance and continuous restoration of the Philam Life collection as well as in expanding its collection through acquisitions.

Philam Life Foundation

Philam Life CEO Axel Bromley and Philam Foundation Max Ventura handover the P1M check to the executives of the National Museum

“We hope that through this partnership with the National Museum, more Filipinos can appreciate our collection and have access to these precious artworks of National Artist Vicente Manansala,” added Mr. Axel Bromley.

Philam Life Foundation

The Philam Life Foundation, under the leadership of its President Mr. Max Ventura, has also been cooperating with the National Museum in building classrooms in typhoon-affected areas under the “Philam Paaralan” program.  A video clip was presented showing the joint venture between the two groups helping hand-in-hand in building the new classrooms.  They have constructed four: two (2) units in Loon South Central Elementary School; in Loon, Bohol soon after the earthquake, and another two classrooms for Salug Elementary School in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, which was among the schools devastated by the super Typhoon Yolanda.

Philam Life is a very much Filipino company who is very happy to promote Philippine art and culture for they feel they are very much part of it as an institution.  They are also happy to see artists excel in their craft.  It is also aligned to the company’s core value of passion for excellence.

Being an icon in the life insurance industry for more than 50 years, Philam Life is committed to continue to be relevant in the lives of Filipinos by providing them with the right products and the right solutions to address their real life needs.

Philam Life’s 2015 National Museum Art Tour

Philam Life Manansala Collections

Vicente Manansala’s Paintings

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