Tutuban Center, known as one of the one-stop shop for everything you wanted to buy at an affordable price, recently lighted up a giant Christmas tree, officially starting the season, when gift hunters for low price trooped to the mall coming from all walks of life.

The ceremony for the Christmas tree lighting in Tutuban Center was preempted with various events and a stage was set up in front of Prime Block just beside the monument of one of our heroes, Gat Andres Bonifacio. Coincidentally, the occasion was held last November 30, marking the 151st birth anniversary of our revolutionary hero.

Leading the countdown to turn on the switch for the giant Christmas tree lighting at Tutuban Center was Mr. Chris Sioson, Operations Manager of Tutuban Properties, Inc., Ms. Jocelyn Niu, Leasing Manager of Tutuban Properties, Inc., Ms Sylvia Tecson, VP for Leasing and Marketing of Tutuban Properties, Inc., Mr. Benjamin Alves, GMA Talent and no other than Santa Claus.

The crowd was also mesmerized as fireworks lit the cold and windy dark night with the lighting of the giant Christmas tree. Festive music follows to jive of lively music as people around the corner also started checking out stalls for the night market ahead.

Let this be the season of colors and happy celebrations as we look forward to merry making, parties, get-together and keeping the basic form of our society together, our family which light us up just like a Christmas tree.