Warriors’ charge led by Green

Warriors dumped Cavs: 2-0 in the series

Warriors dumped Cavs: 2-0 in the series

The Golden State Warriors were unstoppable.  Draymond Green led GSW when they tossed Cleveland Cavaliers to a 33-point deficit as the final buzzer rang in the jam-packed Oracle Arena.  Splash Brothers’ Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson had a combined 35 points.  It was also the Warriors bench who unleashed the firepower when GSW took the marginal on the 2nd half.  Warriors up by 2 games in a row in the 2016 NBA Finals.

Cavs struggles to 0-2 series

LeBron James led the Cavs with his 19 points but not enough to contain the bench scorers of Warriors.  He was sidelined in the fourth quarter with his 9 assists and 8 rebounds as he watched his team being demolished by the Warriors.

Entered the 2nd half-time with just an 8-point lead by the Warriors, Draymond Green took charge of the floor when Curry was given a rest due to foul-trouble, his 4th in the third quarter.  Green converted 5 three-pointer out of 8 attempts.  He worked hard both on the offense and defense.  Small line-up helped Green but big man Andrew Bogut has his own fair share.  Bogut blocked 4 shots from the Cavs.

James and his team got a taste of the lead only from the 1st quarter,  ending the table score at 21-19 in Cavs’ favor.

Love less Cavs

The Cavaliers encountered a great loss when Kevin Love was taken off the court and was placed to concussion protocol due to dizziness after taking an accidental elbow hit during a rebound.

With Love’s absence, Kyrie Irvings’ shots fell off short and LeBron’s 2 double-dribble and turnovers were opportunities for the Warriors to take the scoring lead.  Shaun Livingstone continued his steady pulse on the basket as what he did in the 1st game.

The Warriors’ fast-paced action, quick ball passing, free-moving 360 degrees of the half court and converting from the rainbow area were too much to handle for the Cavaliers.

Final score 110-77.

Game 3 going to Cleveland court on Wednesday June 8, 8pm EST.

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