Guevarra’s, known for its’ splendid heritage home, beautiful green landscape and the great food it caters, will start the merriest season of all; by adding a couple of mouth-watering dishes as Christmas time is fast approaching.  Aside from their year round favorites on the buffet line up, Guevarra’s celebrated husband and wife team Chefs Roland and Jackie Laudico have prepared a Yuletide feast that will surely touch our merry making festivities.

Families, friends, couples and even workmates will surely find Guevarra’s the place to be for bonding, and sharing, after all we Filipinos love  to eat and share whenever and whatever the occasion may be.  Guevarra’s can welcome 200 guests, with the entire area subdivided for different uses.  Walls are decorated with inspirational paintings which art lovers will truly enjoy.  At that point is a batch of plates also hanging on the wall with written testimonies from celebrities, politicos and other known personalities whom have given praise to the amazing food and great ambiance at Guevarra’s.

Guevarra’s lights up the Yuletide season

Guevarra’s lights up the Yuletide season

In time also for the season, Guevarra’s garden will shine bright at night as Christmas lights scattered around the luscious greenery, fountain, gazebo and around the ancestral house of Guevarra’s.  Even the grand entrance stairway was also lighted to remind us the cultural heritage in celebrating the Christmas season.  It is like a time travel to the 1900’s of our great grandparents’ community.

Guevarra’s lights up the Yuletide season

Guevarra’s lights up the Yuletide season

Guevarra’s Christmas buffet

Check out the following Christmas menu included in the buffet after it’s launched at Guevarra’s Media Day held recently at Guevarra’s location in 387 P.Guevarra cor. Argonnes St.  Addition Hills, in the metropolis of San Juan:

Christmas Macaroni Salad  – a wonderful assortment of macaroni, gelatin cubes, raisins and dressings for a creamy goodness of our favorite macaroni salad that is always a regular in our Noche Buena table.

Christmas Chicken Liver Parfait  – a rich liver pate with a mixture of Moscato when you prefer for a flavorful starter appetite.

Beef Morcon  – Guevarra’s version of morcon in a rounded mixture of bacon, Spanish chorizo, hard-boiled eggs and carrots served in a tasteful goodness of the sauce.


Embotido Lasagna Roll – a new form of the famous Filipino meat loaf and covered with Lasagna sheet and baked evenly to perfection.

Christmas Paella – of course, rice will never miss a spot in every Filipino dish.  How about a rice dish together with morsels of liempo, chicken and chorizo?

Fish Mayonesa – you will find this fish very colorful.  The entire fish was baked then poured in with tartar dressing,  sprinkled (artistically in a fish pattern) with chopped carrots and egg, and dried red and green bell pepper.


Roast Turkey – although this is a western food tradition, Filipinos are nowadays starting to have it on their dining table. You can try and taste Guevarra’s Roast Turkey with corn meal stuffing and best poured with either Gravy or Cranberry sauces.


Classic Christmas Pudding – a new sweet treat from Guevarra’s with baked bread cut-ups with yummy glazed fruit preserves all over.

Christmas Suman Fruitcake – one of Filipino’s favorite native delicacy, but served with fruit preserves for that Christmas dessert twist.


And finally, food for the Christmas season will never be complete without Bibingka and Putobumbong. Guevarra’s own preparation with these 2 glutinous rice creations will make you feel that Christmas will just be around the corner.


Since Christmas time is a season of sharing, Guevarra’s had never forgotten to bring back and partake in the graces to others.  Children’s joy foundation is a benefactor of Guevarra’s for the past four years.  The institution is a core that houses disadvantaged children of the community.  For every buffet patron a portion of its proceeds will automatically be applied to the institution.

Buffet rates and schedules:

Weekday Lunch (Monday to Friday)                                                                                  – Php399 + 12% VAT

Weekday Dinner (Monday to Thursday)                                                                           – Php499 + 12%VAT

Weekday Maagang Salu-Salo (Monday to Thursday)                                                     – Php499 + 12%VAT

Weekend Maagang Salu-Salo (Friday dinner to Sunday dinner & Holidays)            – Php549 +12%VAT

Weekend Lunch and Dinner (Friday dinner to Sunday dinner)                                  – Php599 +12%VAT

Lunch is from 11:00AM – 2:00PM, Maagang Salu-Salo 5:00PM – 6:30PM while dinner is from 7:30PM – 10:00PM.

For inquiries and reservations you may contact: (02)705-1811; (02)705-1874; 0917-311-2222. Follow them on Facebook: @Guevarra’s; Instagram: @Guevarras_; Twitter: @Guevarras_.