Mandaluyong Chief of Police Senior Superintendent Joaquin Alva initially reported that they are still waiting for the PNP crime laboratory’s autopsy and histopathological examination results on the death of Shiryl Saturnino:

“From the result of the tests, makaka-conclude tayo kung ano talaga ang nangyari. If it was a simple heart attack, walang liability ang doctors. But if it was a result of trauma or the medicines used on her, we will file criminal charges against the doctors as well as the nurses.”

Alva added that according to the crime laboratory, the result of Saturnino’s histopathological examination may take a month.

What caused the death of Shiryl Saturnino?

The result of the autopsy report was released from the death of a 29-year-old businesswoman, Shiryl Saturnino while undergoing three aesthetic surgeries last Sunday at Icon Clinic in Mandaluyong City.

Saturnino’s autopsy report stated that the cause of her death was from multiple organ failure secondary to the cosmetic procedure’s complications.

Shiryl Saturnino

Shiryl Saturnino (image from The Philippine Star)

The autopsy findings was revealed during the case conference held yesterday on Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) Shiryl.

Shiryl Saturnino

Shiryl Saturnino (image grabbed from

Once the death of Shiryl Saturnino was proven to be due to negligence, Dr. Samuel Eric Calderon Yapjuangco, Icon Clinic anesthesiologist Dr. Jose Jovito Cordero Mendiola and nurses Virgil Alec Ongleo, Alvin Carl Genove, and Audrey Michelle Santos will face criminal and administrative cases.

SITG Shiryl Commander P/Sr. Supt. Marcelino Pedrozo said:

“Nakikita kong may negligence on part of The Icon Clinic, considering na yung initial requirements para mag-exist ang isang medical clinic ay hindi nila nasunod.”

Mandaluyong Police chief Sr. Supt. Joaquin Alva added:

“At least nakausap na natin yung mga medical doctors natin. Although may resulta na sa autopsy ang recommendation nila, hintayin pa talaga yung hispathological examination dahil mas detalyado yun.”

Initial Investigation conducted

Based from the initial investigation, Chief Inspector Jose Villarta, Mandaluyong police investigation unit head shared that all the surgeries done to Shiryl Saturnino were finished at around 2:40 a.m. of Sunday.  While her body was being transferred to the recovery room, the doctors then noticed that Saturnino’s heart is no longer beating.  They performed a CPR on her and seek Makati Medical Center’ help.  But upon the arrival of Dr. Kristel Marie del Rosario, she was pronounced dead around 3:21 a.m.

Shiryl Saturnino

Shiryl Saturnino

Villarta also shared that this is the first time that a patient died from The Icon Clinic and records showed it was Saturnino’s third time already to undergo a surgery.  The first procedure was a nose job done in 2013, while the second was a breast enhancement in 2015.

Although the family of Shiryl Saturnino is not blaming anyone for her death, still they want to know what really transpired during the operation:

“We are not in a position to say there was negligence. But maybe her body could not handle having three procedures done at the same time. She was able to handle the first two operations maybe because these were done one at a time.” 

The family also went to the clinic and asked how much did Shiryl paid them for the cosmetic surgery and requested for a refund on the victim’s payment.  The Icon Clinic granted the refund they requested.

As per The Icon Clinic, they shouldered the victim’s funeral expenses and assured full cooperation on the incident.  Icon’s legal counsel Estelita Cordero asked for five more days to hand their affidavits together with the necessary documents they’re still preparing to help on the investigation process:

Shiryl Saturnino

Shiryl Saturnino photo grabbed from Lanie Canares Facebook post

“Ms. Saturnino was a valued and regular patient whom we took care of for many years. Right now, there is an ongoing investigation on what really caused the passing of Ms. Saturnino. It is our responsibility to inform the public about the truth and we are fully cooperating with the investigation.”

“We are also currently extending full support to the family of Ms Saturnino in their time of grief. We will provide the public with additional information once we have gathered all facts and official data. In the meantime, The Icon Clinic is fully operational in servicing our valued patients,” she added.

Meanwhile, Philippine Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons Vice-President for Internal Affairs Dr. Briccio G. Alcantara stated that their group will also investigate Saturnino’s death:

“Even a minor surgery under local, even in a medium surgery, there will always be a complication. And that complication is usually minimized by having exams na fit ang patient. Miniminimize but it may still happen.”

Shiryl Saturnino

image from Kol Shin Yi’s Facebook post


Shiryl Saturnino

Shiryl Saturnino while doing pole dancing ( images grabbed from Kristel de Catalina’s FB post)

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