It is supposed to be a warm sunny day, temperature a little bit high, people carries fan or artificial ventilator, sunglasses to protect eyes, carrying a handy bottled water and enjoying some refreshment to cool down.   Late in the afternoon, all- of-a-sudden, dark clouds started to embrace the sun’s ray, wind blowing started to gather intensity, little by little, raindrops keep falling on your head.  A sneak-peak of what will hit almost every day when the rainy season starts.  And whenever there is cold atmosphere and wet weather, comes our cravings for hot  and cozy food to warm our stomach.  We Filipinos enjoy our food when serve hot especially during the rainy days ahead.  And what more can satisfy these cravings than the new Goldilocks’ Pork Sinigang.   Yes, Goldilocks, the no.1 bakeshop in the country, has added the new Pork Sinigang to their sumptuous Foodshop menu.  Goldilocks always surpassing the benchmark with its timeless classics, and the new Pork Sinigang couldn’t be set aside.

Goldilocks New Pork Sinigang

Pork Sinigang

Goldilocks Pork Sinigang

Available for only P95 and P110 with rice, Goldilocks new Pork Sinigang would be the best partner for a meal that is delicious, complete and down to the inner core in you to warm up rainy season.   Already known as a Filipino favorite, Goldilocks ups the ante by loading the dish with tender pork liempo and nutritious vegetables, all nestled in a familiarly comforting broth.

Available in all Goldilocks branches, Pork Sinigang is a delicious yet familiar take on one of the country’s most beloved meals that everyone is sure to enjoy. Pair it with a free Coca Cola on Goldilocks’ Buena Mano Mondays, or on its own with a classic Goldilocks dessert, and it is the perfect meal guaranteed to put a smile on every customers face.

So what are you waiting for? Get your fill of the new Pork Sinigang by visiting a Goldilocks branch near you or calling 888-1-999 for deliveries

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